Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee

According to the dispositions of the Statute of the EGO Consortium, the EGO Council sets up a Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee (STAC), composed of up to ten scientific personalities. It also appoints the chairperson of the STAC.

The role of the STAC is to advice the EGO Council.
For this purpose, the STAC meets on the site of the EGO Consortium at least twice per year, to follow and assess the progress on the scientific and technical activities carried on.
The STAC chairperson appointed for three years presents the outcome of the meetings to the EGO Council.

For more details on the STAC duties, consult the Terms of reference of the STAC.

The present composition of the STAC is the following: :

    David Shoemaker, Chairman
    Gerhard Heinzel, Vice-Chairman
    Masaki Ando
    Dominique Boutigny
    Andreas Freise
    Christian Olivetto
    Giuseppe Ruoso
    B.S. Sathyaprakash
    Peter Wolf

The EGO directorate secretariat helps the STAC in organising its meetings.

The documentation submitted to the STAC is stored in the Ego Codifier..

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