The Council is the decision-making body of the EGO consortium.

The Director of EGO is responsible to carry on and execute the Council decisions.

The Council and the Director of EGO operate according to EGO statute.

The Council is composed by three representatives of CNRS and three representatives of INFN, among which is elected the President.

At present the Council is composed as follows:

    For CNRS
      Berrie GIEBELS, President of the EGO Council
      Guy PERRIN

      Astrid LAMBRECHT

    For INFN
      Antonio MASIERO, Vice-President of the EGO Council
      Enrico IACOPINI

    As Council advisor
      Roberto PELLEGRINI of INFN

The Council usually meets twice a year. The Director of EGO participates in the Council meetings but has no right to vote.

Observers may be nominated by the Council Members CNRS and INFN and invited persons may participate for discussing specific items of the agenda.