Well, you have agreed with EGO to:

– Join us as a staff member, or
– Become an associate member, or
– Do at EGO your thesis work on Virgo or
– Spend some time for an extended visit to EGO and Virgo

In any case, you are a newcomer. First of all: welcome to EGO!

[The EGO Consortium site ]

You will need useful information on the EGO Consortium and its working life, as well as on the Virgo experiment.
For all these things you may consult the how-to links here below:

How to reach EGO
– Safety briefing: EGO Safety & Security
– Resource use and privacy: (not yet active)
How to get a entrance badge
How to get an account
– How to find people : EGO phone book, Virgo phone book, Virgo laboratories

Should you look for other information, please contact the EGO Scientific Secretariat that will do its best to help you through these initial steps:

Tel: +39 050 752 325
E-Mail: secretariat@ego-gw.it
Opening hours 9-12:30 and 14:30-17:30, Monday to Friday